Emailed Letters From Friends


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hayes.

I just finished reviewing the entire web site that you made on behalf of your children Robert and Aaron, and that is the most beautiful website I've ever seen. Some of the areas brought me to tears in remembrance of your son Robert who I never met, but I had the unfortunate task to witness his last few minutes on this earth. I am honored to have been a part in catching Robert's murderers as one of the Detectives in this case, and I will always continue to work hard and insure that those involved get the steepest amount of time in prison under the Law allowed in the State of Oklahoma. I will always argue for harsh punishment for them, and they will never get any pity on my behalf just like they never gave any pity to Robert as they participated in his murder.

May the lord bless your family during these difficult moments, Robert and Frozene you have both shown me what strength is all about, because I don't know any family in this world that could have endured what your family has. I look forward to seeing you both the next time you come to the City of Lawton so that we go to dinner and pray together. Your children and your family will always be in my prayers... God bless you two. I feel like you two are a part of my family because of this hardship, and I will always be here for you. Thanks.

Detective Roberto Peralta
Criminal Investigation Division
Lawton Police Department

I met Hayes when he first arrived at ft. Sill. He was a great guy. I gave him advice on how to be successful at FAOBC, where to attend church and weekend entertainment. When I found out what happened, I was hurt and angry. Being a solider we fight and kill to protect freedom and the American way of life. I hope and pray that the people involved in this crime are apprehended and severely punished.

Lt. Eric Patterson
Columbus, GA

Hi Mr. Hayes,
My name is Ronnie Smith and I’m the Chief of Police of Lawton Oklahoma. I just received the e-mail that you sent Detective Peralta. First of all I am sorry for the loss of your son. I hate that this is the way we have to meet. I talked to your wife about the suspects we have and I was glad that we were able to get them. I just want you to know we will continue to do everything possible to make sure that justice is done. When I say that, nothing will bring back your son and I don’t feel that whatever these people get will be enough but we will do what we can. The Lawton Police Department worked very hard on this case and I want you to know that I really appreciate all the detectives and officers that worked on this case. If you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me. God bless you and your family and please know that you are in our prayers and on our minds.

Ronnie Smith

I am very hurt to hear what has happened to Robert “Bobcat”. When I first heard the news, my first reaction was “no not Cat.” But yes it was “Cat.” The same person I have learned to love, the same person who would cut my hair, the same person who will defuse a situation. Death is real, It same no particular order,. Any body can get, at any given time.

To “Bobcat”

I love you! Your name will live forever. You fought a good fight…you finished the course….and you have kept the faith…..go home “Cat”, go home.

LaTorence Williams
St. Petersburg, FL

What happened to Robert is a true tragedy. He had such a sweet and loving spirit and was very giving to everyone. There are not many men his age that have accomplished as much as he has. The only comfort that can come from this, is knowing that he is truly in a better place and that God has his back now.

R.I.P. BOBCAT – You will be missed.

Kitty Harris
Springfield, IL

Works cannot even describe this tragedy its still not real to me that Robert .A.K.A. Bobcat is really gone. He was one of the sweetest people I knew and among the few young men determined academically. There will never be another you but I know that you are in the best hands now and I’ll see you when I get to heaven. I take comfort in knowing that there is an guardian angel looking out for all of us.

R.I.P. BOBCAT, you were loved by all but God loves you best…

Monica Claybourne
Chicago, IL

This is such a tragedy, completed senseless. While I did not personally know Robert Hayes, my husband was very good friend who attended the officer basic course with Hayes (as my husband called him). My husband always called home to tell me about the good times him and Hayes were having and what a great person he was. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Hayes myself and understood what my husband was talking about. He truly was a people person. Once you met him you felt as if you had known him your whole life. When my husband told me about the tragedy, I was in disbelief. I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. For some comfort, I just keep telling myself that he is with his creator and in a much better place. For me, there will be no real closure until the person(s) responsible for this senseless crime are brought to justice. I pray for this day and night. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the Hayes family and fiancée.

R.I.P. Hayes, although you are in a much better place, you will truly be missed here.

Lisa Jean
Lansing, MI

Robert & Frozene: I am so sorry for your loss. The two of you were always so nice to me from the moment I joined Greater Faith 15 years ago. That’s when I first met your boys too. You were such great parents and I admired the way you were raising your children. Even though I no longer attend Greater Faith, I still thought of you all fondly. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Tracey Wooten

God has gained another beautiful one! Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Please accept this from all of use here in Decatur, IL.

Jenell & Family

May God bless and he always be there with you all the time and he will look down see you all of family to him and you all know he will always be in your heart that means he is there and again God bless you all. Amen


Anthony (Lakeyta) and mom, Marie, would like to say that we are truly sorry of the passing of your 2 sons. You and your family will always be in my prayers. Aaron and Anthony were good friends and we will miss both Robert and Aaron very much. We love you and will keep you and your sons forever in our hearts. God needed his precious angels to we know that they are ok.

Anthony Steward

Mr. & Mrs. Hayes – you are in my prayers. Both of your sons were great men. I could talk to them about anything. They are together again now in heaven. Erika-I’m sorry for your loss you are in my prayers. Aaron spoke very highly of you. May you find comfort in your time of need.

Angie Algood

May heart goes out to you! I was very much touched by the passing of Bobby and Aaron’s death has really affected me also. Please know that I am keeping you in my constant prayers and am asking God to give you the strength that you need. Please know others care and share your sorrow.

Sincerely, Nancy Inskeep

Robert & Frozene our prayers are with you. We are so saddened by your loss. God is in control.

Love, Lance Moon, George Bridges & Sharanne

Mr. & Mrs. Hayes,

While all seems lost, and the future dim, the Lord will help, just turn to Him;
When dreams are gone and you can’t cope, God’s endless love will give you hope.
He knows your needs, He’ll show the way, to meet your problems day by day.
His strength and help will be with you, just let Him in, His light shines through.
Trust in God, He’s always there, to hold you ion His loving care.

With Much Love & Payers
Delores Johnson (retired teacher – Shiloh Park School)

I never knew your name or your dad’s name, but we all played basketball together many times a the Rec Plex. People told me who you were when you passed and I had you in my mind but was praying it wasn’t you. When I saw your face finally my heart sank. I will make sure everyone remembers how great a person you were. You are a legend in my mind forever. Thank God for you. To the family, I’m sorry for your tremendous loss.

Roderick Almaraz